Confessions are held every Saturday 3 PM - 4 PM before Vespers.

Confession is also available at any time by appointment. Simply contact Father Nathaniel to make arrangements.


The Sacrament of Confession is available to all Orthodox Christians as a gift from God in order to rededicate our lives to Him. Confession is not only the act of bringing our sins to God in order to be absolved, but it is the chance to free ourselves of the burden of sin. 

Many view the relationship of sin and confession as a sort of legal procedure, in which our sins are brought forth and issued a judgement based on their severity, and finally we are forgiven after the meeting is over. However, confession is more akin to a doctor's visit. When our lives are filled with ailments of the spirit and the mind, God provides us a way to find healing. We can come forth to the priest, acting as a mouthpiece for God, or a witness, and express all of our burdens. This means not only sins we have committed, but things that are weighing on us. It is here that God provides His love and His compassion to us, forgiving our sins and taking our burdens upon Himself. 


For those seeking to receive the Sacrament of Confession, helpful materials can be found in order to prepare. Examinations of Conscience and prayers before Confession can be found in the "Come to Me" prayerbook, as well as "Chlib Dúsi". 


For reference, the confession sheet provided by the ACRY for use in Churches can be found and downloaded HERE.